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How the portrait process works

How does the whole process work?

The first step is to have your photo shoot. Our photo shoots are carefree and a lot of fun! You'll have your very own private dressing room where all of your things will be secure and we'll partner with you in the creation process of your portraits.

At the conclusion of your photo shoot, there's a $300 deposit that will go towards whatever you wish to order. We'll make an appointment for you to return a few days later to order your portraits, plus you'll leave with a color brochure of all of the products we have available so that you can become familiar with them before you return to order.

When you return for your order appointment, we will apply the $300 deposit you made towards whatever you wish to purchase. Any remaining balance can be split into two payments; half when you order and the remaining half upon order completion. Payment plans are available for qualifying orders.

Finished portraits are completed in 2 to 6 weeks depending on order complexity and seasonal work load. When everything is ready, we'll call you to schedule a brief delivery appointment to make sure everything you ordered is perfect!

Are there different photo shoots available?

We offer 3 different photo shoots. We offer an indoor studio photo shoot that can be done formally, casually, in color or in black & white. We also offer an outdoor photo shoot taken at the studio. These are usually done casually and can have a clean, landscaped look or organic natural look. We also offer an on location photo shoot for those who wish to have their portraits made at home or special location. Please call to discuss your needs before booking a location photo shoot.

The one you choose will determine the look of your images, how long your photo shoot will be and ultimately how many different images you'll get to choose from when making your final selections.

Please note: Before you can schedule your photo shoot appointment, you need to know which photo shoot you would like to have taken.

Where do you go for your outdoor portraits?

We are very fortunate that both Keepsake locations have outdoor studios on premises with a lot of different variety of different looks ranging from very organic and natural to landscaped and posed.

What if it rains on my outdoor photo shoot?

If you've chosen to have an outdoor photo shoot and it's raining on the day of your appointment, we'll reschedule your outdoor photo shoot for another day or you can choose to have your photo shoot indoors.

How do I know what to bring to my photo shoot?

After you schedule your appointment, we'll send you detailed information on how to prepare, the best colors to wear, hair & makeup and how to find the studio. You'll learn everything you need to know so that you'll be totally prepared!

What if my pictures come out bad?

It's extremely rare that this happens but if you don’t have enough images you like for the purchases you wish to make, we’ll gladly take more images to your liking or refund your deposit; whichever you choose.

Plus, when you receive your finished order, if you find anything that was not as you expected, let us know within 3 business days and we will resolve the problem without any hassles.

Can I post some of my images online?

We have a few different ways you can have images that are legal to use online. We'll discuss all of your options at you portrait order appointment!

Prints or digital files.... how does it all work?

No worries. We offer both, individually and together in collections. We'll discuss all of your options at your portrait order appointment. If you would like more information before your photo shoot, please call the studio and schedule a portrait consultation.

How much will it cost?

First you have your photo shoot and the outcome usually determines what you will purchase. Some people buy a few and others get them all so it's impossible to know how much it will cost until you have your photo shoot taken and see the outcome at your portrait order appointment.

If you would like to schedule an appointment for a portrait consultation, one of our staff will be glad to sit down with you and go over the options and products available or you can click on price information from the main menu to learn more.


There is no substitute for experience.  Your photographer is the one of the owners of the company and has nearly 30 years of professional photography experience.

Exceptional quality

You'll find cheaper but you won't find better quality.  In house designed and edited traditional photographic paper and canvas portraits made to last a lifetime and then some.

Love it or your money back

If you don't love the images from your Keepsake photo shoot, we'll take more images to your liking or refund your money, whichever you choose.


Keepsake offers the most variety of modern family portrait image styles so your portraits won't look like everyone else's, even if they came to Keepsake themselves!

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