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The Best Guarantee

Best. Guarantee. Ever

It's not every day when you have your family portrait taken.  Sometimes, it's not even every year.  So it goes without saying that it pays to go with a professional company that provides you the assurance that everything will be as you expected.  But what if something goes wrong?   Keepsake Photography offers the very best guarantee possible so you'll never get stuck with anything you don't love.

Our Photo Shoot Guarantee:  If you don’t love the images we create for you at your photo shoot, we’ll offer to take more images to your liking or refund your money.  Whichever you choose.

Our Perfect Portrait Guarantee:  If something isn’t as you expected with any product you order from us, we’ll make it right or we’ll refund your money.  Whichever you choose.  No hassles, no runaround, no excuses, ever.

Professional company.  Professional results.  Professional guarantee.